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By using the "View" menu within CityGuide DMS you get several options to customize and use the program view.

Hereunto belong besides the enhanced printing functions e.g. the adjustment of brightness and grey levels or the definition of the zoom level of the current source map.

The current zoom level is always displayed in percent in the lower right corner of the
map window. Alternatively you may choose the zoom-level with the [+/-] -keys, the
mouse wheel as well as the corelating buttons on your program interface.


 View - Free Scale

To set a freely selectable view scale, please select the function "Scale..." from the menu "View". Thereupon a dialogue window appears, in which you are able to enter your desired view scale.

Press "OK" to close the dialogue window. The map is now scaled and displayed as desired.

Some CityGuide versions provide scale-printing templates. With this you are able to print the respective map true to scale with the adjusted view scale.


View - Free Zoom

In order to enter a different zoom-level than the ones that are predefined for the system, simply click the "Zoom... +/-"-entry located in the "View" menu. A dialogue window will come up and ask you to enter the desired zoom level.

Click "OK" in order to close the dialogue. The map will now be scaled to match the desired zoom level.


 View - Zoom Presets

In order to apply a preset zoom level, simply select the appropriate setting from the "View" menu entry. You can currently choose between 150, 125, 100, 75 and 50 Percent.

After selecting the desired zoom level the map will be reloaded and displayed using the new setting.


 View - Printing

CityGuide DMS supports improved printing functions. With these you can choose between different print layouts, which may vary depending on the CityGuide version you are using. 

Please select the desired print layout in order to open the print preview. Shown below is the integrated print preview of CityGuide DMS:

The integrated print preview gives you the following options:

Please choose the appropriate printer from the list.
Select a desired quality for the print out.
This selection helps you scale the view (in percent) to match the current screen size..
Starts the printing process and closes the print preview window.


It is also possible to print to a PDF, which can then be saved on your computer. In order to achieve this, please install a PDF printer onto your computer. This will be accessible via your printer list. Many PDF printers are available to download from the internet.

Some CityGuide versions provide scale-printing templates. With this you are able to print the respective map true to scale with the adjusted view scale. 


 View - Copy Screen

In order to copy the current CityGuide screen onto your clipboard, simply press one of the following key combinations:


Afterwards you can access the screenshot by pasting it into any suitable application for further processing.


 View - Effects

In CityGuide DMS you can access the "Effects" tab like this ...

Grayscale on/off :

By using this option you can control the greyscale value of the map window. After activating this option all colors of your current map are translated into greyscale.


By using this option you can control the brightness level of your map window. Similar to the zoom function you can set the brightness level between 25 and 150 percent.


Effects are (currently) not saved in your settings. With each program start your effect values will be reset to their defaults. These are "Greyscale off" and "Brightness 100%".


 View - Controls

In CityGuide DMS you have the opportunity to set the control-area of the application to either left or right of the program interface ...

This property can be permanently stored in the settings.


 View - Fullscreen

For a more economical use of your screen width and in case you just feel like wandering across the current source map, the system also supplies you with a "Fullscreen" mode.

In the full screen mode you can hide all elements of your program interface, except the menu bar and the map window. You can alternatively activate/ deactivate the fullscreen mode by pressing the [F3]-key.


  View - Quickbar

You can easily and quickly access many program functions by using the quickbar. The menu entry "View" offers the functionality to fade in or fade out the quickbar.

All functions of the quickbar elements can be alternatively controlled with the appropiate menu instructions of the application.

Please note that the kind and the amount of the provided quick-functions depend on the publisher of the particular version.


 View - Overview

With this, you can set the visibility of the overview window on or off. Alternatively, you can enable/disable the overview by pressing [F11].


  View - Direct help...

Invokes this program documentation.


In case you have questions or suggestions regarding this subject, feel free to contact our customer-support. We are looking forward to answer your questions.

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