CityGuide DMS - Documentation - Keyboard & Mouse

The CityGuide Digital Mapping System makes use of extensive mouse and keyboard functions. Learn in the following sections how easy it is to use this software...


 Keyboard Functions

CityGuide DMS has the following keyboard functions:

Enter Select a group or object / move to location
Backspace Select previous group
Tab Focus on next dialogue element
SHIFT+Tab Focus on previous dialogue element
Esc Quit moving towards destination / close dialogue
F1 Invoke online documentation for CityGuide-DMS
F2 Advanced object search
F3 Toggle fullscreen on / off
CTRL+F3 Toggle quickbar on / off
F4 Save program preferences
CTRL+F4 Reset program preferences
F5 Call the information for the current object (hyperlink)
F6 Display symbol functions
F7 Jump to target on / off
SHIFT+F7 Toggle elevation profile on / off
CTRL+F7 Jump to waypoint on / off
F8 Display legend for current map
F9 Generate object-link for your personal homepage
CTRL+F9 Send meeting point coordinates
F11 Toggle overview window on / off
F12 Memory-display on the map window on / off
Left Arrow Go West
Right Arrow Go East
Up Arrow Go North
Down Arrow Go South
Page Up Go North (Fast)
Page Down Go South (Fast)
Pos 1 Go West (Fast)
End Go East (Fast)
Plus (+) Zoom in
Minus (-) Zoom out
CTRL (+/-) Select next/previous measuring function
SHIFT (+/-) Select next/previous coordinate function


 Mouse Functions

CityGuide DMS has the following mouse functions:

Click on a destination within the overview-window, the map-window will follow towards this destination. By pressing [F7] you may activate the option "jump to target". One click in the overview window now makes the map window "jump" to the chosen destination.


Left-click on the map window and hold down the left mouse button. Move the mouse into the desired direction and watch the map follow your motion (Drag & Drop).


While object symbols are activated, move the mouse cursor over any symbol within your map window. The corresponding object will be highlighted within your object selection. Whenever more information is available for this object, you may access it by clicking on the symbol with your mouse or by pressing the [F5]-key. The information is displayed in a new browser window.


Move the mouse-wheel up or down to alter the zoom factor. The zoom factor is changed in 25%-steps in order to allow a quick and comfortable overview of the map.


In order to identify coordinates for any location on your current source map you will first have to activate the desired coordinate-function. Select the option "Coordinates -> Determine coordinates" from the top menu.
Click afterwards on the desired target point in the map window. A dialogue will come up presenting the chosen coordinates. These can now be copied onto your clipboard and processed in any other application.

In case you have questions or suggestions regarding this subject, feel free to contact our customer-support. We are looking forward to answer your questions.

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