CityGuide DMS - Documentation - Introduction

The following paragraphs will give you an introduction into the setup, the performance characteristics and possible application areas of the CityGuide DMS software.

Introduction - What is CityGuide DMS ?

CityGuide DMS is an interactive Geographical-Information-System (GIS) in form of a Java-applet. Applets are small programs which can be securely executed within a browser application such as the Internet Explorer.

The Java-technology was introduced by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and is being used on the Internet, Intranet, on CDROM/DVD, in mobile phones, cars, the Mars-Rover and many other areas of modern life.

More informations about Java can be obtained online from:

The use of the Java-technology in most CityGuide products ensures a secure online- and offline application of the sofware, independent of the operating system or the internal computer technology.  

CityGuide DMS is being successfully used across Europe in many cities, communities and companies, online as well as offline. Examples include city fire brigades, offices of public relations and city survey departments.

On our website you'll find a list of all project-partners and customers. At this point we would like to thank you again for the trust placed in us and the good cooperation for the last 15-years product history !


Introduction - Performance Characteristics

Listed below you find the most important performance characteristics of CityGuide DMS:

OS-Independency (Windows/MacOS/Linux/Unix/Solaris)
Completely multilingual, including the program interface and contents
Online- and offline-availability of the software (no separate programs needed)
Quick and accurate interface response
Supports a maximum of 1000 source maps of any given size
Explanations and legends for all source maps
Supports unlimited groups and objects (e.g. streets, charges and POI's)
Navigate cut-free over all source maps
Zoom stepless from 50% to 150% on all source maps
Brightness- and greyscale customization
Enhanced printing functions with layout editor (DPI-resolution configurable)
Extensive mouse and keyboard functions
Includes the coordinate systems Gauss-Krüger/geographical/UTM
Graphical calculation of spaces and surfaces
Multifunctional editor for drawings
Routing functionality with self-constructed routing nets
Support for Digital Height Models in routing nets
Display of icons and object photos
Advanced search function
Bidirectional object linking
Sending of meeting-point coordinates via email
Save-option for user preferences
Watermark embedment on the map
Mobile Java-Version of the program available (CityGuide Mobile 1.0)
Extensive documentation and program help

But this is by far not all CityGuide DMS has to offer you when it comes to functionality. Take the time and study this documentation to reveal the full width of the system's performance spectrum and form your own opinion.


Introduction - Areas Of Use

The CityGuide Digital Mapping System can be adapted in the following areas:

Intranet (Network)
Hard Drives
Mobile Devices MIDP 2.0

Due to it's bidirectional structure the system can easily be combined with existing online-applications such as CMS-systems, event-calendars, hotel- and train schedule systems or business- and people finders.

Convince yourself by trying the Online-Demo.

In case you have questions or suggestions regarding this subject, feel free to contact our customer-support. We are looking forward to answer your questions.

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