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The "Extras" menu tab gives you the ability to send a meeting point to a friend by email or to save your current program settings for later use.


 Extras - Send Meeting Point

The "Meeting Point"-function enables you to send any given position of your current map by email. The recipient on the other side may then click on a link in this email and have the position displayed to him in a new browser window. You can optionally insert a subject line and text.

Pressing [CTRL+F9] starts the "Meeting Point"-mode. Move your mouse cursor to the desired location on the map and left-click on this point once. An email form will be opened in a new window. Simply fill in the blank fields and send it!


As an alternative to sending the position you can also insert the content of the "Meeting Point-Link" text field as a hyperlink on your website.

Please acknowledge the user agreement of the respective license holders of CityGuide DMS regarding such links.


 Extras - Query point information

Hereby you are able to send a selected coordinate to an internet page like in the "Meeting Point"-function.

Please note, that not all versions of CityGuide DMS support this function. The offered service depends on the publisher of the respective CityGuide DMS version.


 Extras - Calendar

With the calendar function you have the opportunity to inform yourself about events on a desired day in the local area of your CityGuide DMS version.

Please note, that not all CityGuide DMS versions provide event information.
The offered data depends on the publisher of the version.

First select a day from the calendar sheet. If event information for the selected day are available, they are listed on the left side.

Select now an entry of the list and click on the "Select..."-button. Further detailed information to the selected entry will be displayed.


 Extras - Save Settings / Reset Settings

CityGuide DMS allows you to save your current settings, such as the current map, view, coordinates, etc., for later use of the program.

If you e.g. would like to use the CityGuide-application always in fullscreen mode, you will first have to switch into the same. Afterwards, choose "Settings...->Save" from the "Extras" menu or press the [F4]-key. Your settings will now be saved in a text file on your computer and CityGuide DMS will from now on start using this settings.

Accordingly you also have the possibility to discard your settings and reset the default values of the program. Simply choose "Settings...->Reset" from the "Extras" menu or press the key combination [CTRL+F4]. The program will be restarted and your settings will be reverted to their default settings.


Extras - Direct help...

Invokes this program documentation.


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