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CityGuide DMS is capable of managing many different source maps of variable size. Each source map is accompanied by an overview map as well as a symbol explanation (or map legend).

By clicking on the "Maps" entry on the menu bar you can select the desired source map from the list. The title of the currently selected source map is displayed in the upper left corner of the map window.


 Maps - Switching between different Source Maps

When switching between different source maps the system always tries to keep your current (geographical) position. 

The center of you map window serves as the point of reference. In case this is not possible, e.g. if you are at the border of the source map, the program will acquire the position closest to your last location.

While switching between source maps it may happen that your current (geographical) position lies outside of the measurements of the (newly-)selected source map.


In this case the system shows you the outlines of the (newly-)selected source map which lies outside of your current position in the map- and overview-window.

A dialogue window will come up and ask you, whether to "jump" to the new selected source map, thus moving your current position to the closest relative position from the previous map.


 Maps - Invoke Symbol Explanation

Within CityGuide DMS every source map has - besides an overview window - it's own symbol explanation or map legend . By pressing [F8] you can display this information in a new window.



 Maps - Direct help

Invokes this program documentation.



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