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In this chapter you'll learn, how quickly and easily CityGuide DMS can be started over the Internet, in local area networks, or on a CDROM / DVD ...

All you need for the program execution is a personal computer, a browser-program
of your choice and a Java-Runtime (recently tested from 1.6.0_45 to 1.8.0_65).

The following sections provide instructions for operating the software ...

If your problem could not be solved with the above informations, please contact our Online-Support, we will help you to find a solution.



For a flawless operation of CityGuide DMS we encourage to supply the following hardware and software components as a minimal configuration ...

Standard PC or Notebook
Operating system Windows / MacOS / Linux (*)
Browser-Program (IE/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari)
Java-Runtime (recently tested from 1.6.0_45 to 1.8.0_65)
CPU Speed of at least 750 Mhz
512 MB RAM (For Admins 1 GB RAM or more)
CDROM/DVD/USB-Drive (optional)
Internet-Connection (optional)

(* The operating system you use should support the specified Java versions)



Listed below are the supported browser for CityGuide DMS. To install a browser,
please click on the appropriate entry

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

 Important information for the Edge-Browser in Windows 10 !

The new Edge-Browser in Windows 10 dows not support Browser-Plugins and therfore no Java. Please use the Internet-Explorer 11 or install one of the browsers listed above.

 Important changes with Chrome-Browser since version 42 !

The Java plug-in for web browsers relies on the cross platform plugin architecture NPAPI, which has been supported by all major web browsers for over a decade. Google's Chrome version 42 and higher drops support for NPAPI, impacting plugins for Silverlight, Java, Facebook Video and other similar NPAPI based plugins. For more information click here.

If you want to use CityGuide DMS furthermore in Chrome, go on with this:

1) First install from the Chrome Web Store the IE Tab-Extension.
2) After this open the red marked symbol to open a new IE Tab.
3) Now, enter the address of your version of CityGuide DMS like below.


(To retrieve these informations, an Internet connection is required)

After the successful installation of the browser program you can proceed with installing the Java-Runtime. More about this in the next section.


To run CityGuide DMS properly, you need a current Java-Runtime (tested from 1.6.0_45 to 1.8.0_65). The Java-Runtime is available from

On CDROM/DVD-versions, you can also install the Java-Runtime, that is delivered with the product, normally found in the main-folder "/java".

How you can install Java and how to eliminate possible errors will be explained in the following sections ...


(To retrieve these informations, an Internet connection is required)

After the successful installation of Java, you will learn in the next section important changes to the Java technology and the execution of CityGuide DMS.


  Important changes

Due to fundamental changes in the Java-Technology since the Java Runtime 1.7.0_25 You can only start CityGuide DMS via Http-Connections !

For this, please read the following changes ...

The use of CityGuide DMS via the file-protocol for local file-level apps or network-drives is not longer allowed for security reasons and will not longer be supported !
When you start CityGuide DMS via an Internet-address, there are no changes in running the software. You can start the software as usual on the Web-page of the provider and use it.

For the execution of CityGuide DMS via a local network, you should use for the future a local HTTP Server (such as IIS or Apache), as the file-protocol is not longer allowed.

To use CityGuide DMS via a local application/CDROM/DVD you should use the new Starter. Read more about this in the next sections ...

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your administrator or contact our Online-Support, we will help you to find a solution.


  Local Application/CDROM/DVD

To use a local application/CDROM/DVD of CityGuide DMS you should use the Starter. This is a mini-webserver, which can be used locally only in conjunction with the used application of CityGuide DMS on the same workstation.

The job of the Starter lies in providing your local CityGuide-version to the Java-Runtime over an HTTP connection, because local file connections are no longer allowed.

To do this, open your file manager and execute the file "Starter.jar" in the main directory of the application. When using on CDROM/DVD's on Windows, the Starter should be executed automatically via Autorun after inserting the media ...

Now you should see the Desktop of the Starter ...


The Starter is now offering you the opportunity to use the specified product of CityGuide DMS at the the given address in a browser of your choice ...

Starts the specified version of CityGuide DMS in your default browser on the specified address.
Copies the given address to your clipboard. Now start a browser program of your choice and paste the address there in.
Displays this help page.
Exits the Starter. The application is no longer available at the given address.

 Important notes:

If the Starter is missing on the CDROM/DVD, your product contains an older version of CityGuide DMS. In this case, you can use the product only with a Java-Runtime version 1.7.0_21 or earlier! !

When executing the Starter please ensure, that a local port address between 8888 and 8899 is available, which has not previously been occupied or blocked by other programs !

If you have further questions about the Starter, please contact your administrator or our Online-Support. We're here to help.



The CityGuide application has a digital signature in the form of a software certificate from Verisign / Symantec. So you will be ensured, that CityGuide DMS comes from Webnologic Internet Systems, and you can trust the program.

Furthermore, this ensures, that the program has not been changed since its release
by any third party.


During application startup, a dialogue window will inform you of the possibility to issue the appropriate rights to the software ...

The dialogue window offers you the following options:
You grant the necessary rights to the application for one session.
You disapprove of the enhanced rights. The application can not be started.
Always trust this source
You always grant the enhanced rights to the application. 
More Information
You will receive detailed information about the digital signature and the certificate in use by the application.

The certificate used has a maximum validity period of two or three years, depending on the CityGuide-version. After this period you will be informed about this by Java as follows ...



Important changes since Java Version 1.7.0_25

Since Java-Runtime 1.7.0_25, the online certificate verification has been enabled by default by Oracle. If you want to run the software without an Internet connection (for example, on CDROM/DVD), this test may be due to the lack of a missing Internet connection and can not be performed. You'll get the following message ...

For this case, you can also deactivate the Online-Certificate-Check in the
Java-Control-Panel as shown below ...

Important notes:

If you encounter older versions of CityGuide DMS with expired or revoked certificates, report them immediately to the publishers of the version !

Unfortunately, some publishers still put outdated CityGuide-versions to users. Please ask the publisher, if a new version with a valid certificate is available. You also should notice the publisher, that new software updates from Webnologic Internet Systems are available !

If your problem could not be solved with the above informations, please read the following paragraphs for further help or contact our Online-Support, we will help
you to find a solution.



If CityGuide DMS is not started despite a browser installed and a current Java version, check the settings in your firewall software.

Please make sure, that the firewall doesn't block HTTP-requests (by default on port 80) for the following file-types ...

  • JAR
  • ZIP

Alternatively just enable the complete corresponding Internet / Intranet-Address for the CityGuide DMS-program in your firewall.

For detailed information please refer to the documentation of the firewall software you are using.

If your problem could not be solved with the above informations, please read the following paragraphs for further help or contact our Online-Support, we will help you to find a solution.



If you couldn't solve your problem with CityGuide DMS with the descriptions in the sections above, please send an email to our Online-Support and/or to the publisher of the CityGuide-version.

Please provide a short error description and include in any case the content of the
Java-Console as text-attachment in your email.

In some cases it can also be helpful to take a screenshot of the application together with dialogue windows that contain error messages and attach it in the email.

In order to do this press one of the following key combinations:


Now, open a graphics program, and paste the clipboard contents into a new image. Save the screenshot as a "JPG" file and add this also as an attachment to your email.

In case you have questions or suggestions regarding this subject, feel free to contact our customer-support. We are looking forward to answer your questions.

This document may not be published, duplicated or handed over to
third parties without prior explicit permission.

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